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African Nursery Supplies

African Nursery Supplies - Johannesburg

African Nursery Supplies. I supply Nursery Planting Bags, Growpots and Seed Trays to Plant Growers, Nurseries, Landscapers and Small Businesses in South Africa. Simply get a price list from the website, place your order by email, make the payment from the Pro Forma quotation, and I will deliver within 2-5 days. Stress free buying at wholesale prices. Bulk discounts. Delivered throughout South Africa.

Also available from the website are Ceramics and Pottery Products, and Courses from the Academy of Small Business. Sharing ideas, links and contacts. Subscribe to “Wilko’s Weekly” for Small Business Tips and Articles.

African Nursery Supplies Services:

  • Online Sales of Nursery Planting Bags, Growpots & Seed Trays
  • Delivery within 2-5 Days
  • Stress free buying at wholesale prices
  • Bulk discounts
  • Delivered throughout South Africa

Contact Details for African Nursery Supplies:


Contact Person:
Chris Wilkinson

082 789 3755


Kastaiing Str
Weltevreden Park