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Cape Art Concrete Garden Products

Cape Art Concrete Garden Products - Heidelberg
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Cape Art Concrete Garden Products in Heidelberg, Western Cape. Manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of concrete garden products. These products include Garden Furniture, Rock Art Pots, Pillars and Panels, Fountains, Bird Baths, Planters, Ornaments, and others. These products are available in various finishes, such as plain cement colour, painted, pigmented and rough finishes. Cape Art is well known in the Southern Cape for their range of quality garden products.

Cape Art Concrete Garden Products:

  • Garden Furniture – Full Garden Set, round table; Full Garden Set, rectangular table; Garden Bench with back rest; Small Garden Set; Lamp Set; Post Box Set; Square Rock ArtPark Bench; Server.
  • Planters – Small; Small/Flat; Six Sided; Medium/Long; Fern Planter; Classic Planter; Tudor Planter; Flora Planter; Grape Planter; Shell Planter; Cosmos Planter.
  • Stepping Stones – Pavers; Sleepers; Flagstones; Plain Stepping Stones.
  • Ornaments – Tortoise, Dwarfs, Frogs, Bucks, Squirrels, Eagle – flying, Horse Head, Snail, Flames, Welcome Sign, and much more.
  • Balls – cement balls.
  • Fountains & Bird Baths.
  • Rock Art Pots.
  • Pillars & Panels.

Contact Details for Cape Art Concrete Garden Products:


Contact Person:
Tersia de Vos



Corner of Rainier and Middletonstreet
Western Cape