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Complete Garden Landscaping. Invest in your dream garden now! We can design your garden as a Complete Package. If you are not able to afford the implementation in one go, we will do it over a period of time. For example, we will add a koi pond, then a herb garden, then another piece of the garden, until it is complete. The final effect is going to be as you envisaged it.

Complete Garden Landscaping. We will create a beautiful garden around your home and use the space available to maximum effect. Our aim is to achieve a harmonious whole that will improve the appearance of your house. We use concept, new trends, design, colour, plant combinations, form, texture, groupings and features to create your dream garden. Designer Gardens Landscaping will help you to suit the style of your garden with the style of your house.

Complete Garden Landscaping:

Designer Gardens Landscaping offers a wide range of services that include the following:

  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation
  • Swimming Pools and Rock Pools
  • Koi Ponds
  • Fire Pits and Boma’s
  • Water Features
  • Herb Gardens
  • Pebble Mosaics
  • You want it in your garden, we’ll do it!

Contact Details for Complete Garden Landscaping:


Contact Person:
SP Botha



Willem Botha street