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Gardens On Wheels – Durban

Gardens On Wheels is an online shop and supplier of bulk loads of A-Grade Compost, Lawn Dressing, and Top Soil as well as Duzi Gravel and Umgeni Sand. Garden Services for the Greater Durban area include Garden Scaping, Garden Facelifts, Instant Lawn, Lawn Care, Rose Pruning and Bulk Organic Refuse Removal.

Gardens On Wheels Products & Services:

  • Compost, Soils & Gravel – available in bulk & bags.
  • Seedlings.
  • Hanging Baskets.
  • Lawn, Landscapes & Services – Garden Facelifts, Garden Scaping, Instant Lawn, Lawn Care, Rose Pruning, Organic Refuse Removal in Bulk.

Gardens On Wheels Contact Details:

Tel: 081 569 7676



Physical Address: