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Gift Lawns Instant Lawn specializes in the supply and lay of good quality instant lawn. Services include ground preparation, laying of the lawn, chemical application against weeds and pests, and supply of low cost, high quality lawn dressing, compost and top soil.

Gift Lawns Instant Lawn – Types of Grass available:

  • All Seasons Evergreen Grass:
    A water-loving and wide spreading grass that grows in most conditions. Sunny conditions are more preferrable to the crop. It remains green throughout the year and is resistant to cold conditions. Once harvested, it must be planted within 8 hours and watered at least once a day. Maintenance is medium for this type of grass. Mow only with sharp blade.
  • Kikuyu Grass:
    The most famous grass in South Africa, and a vigorous grower. Not shade tolerant although some strains are known to differ. It has an inviting bright green colour and coarse leaf texture. It has impressive low water recovery and grows in a wide range of soil types. Kikuyu grass needs to be cut every 8-10 days in summer. Excellent dormancy period.
  • LM Berea Grass:
    Light green grain grass that thrives is sunny conditions. It also grows in the shade provided the area receives at least 20% sunshine during the day. Shade-growing gives it a darker colour and the leaves are thinner and longer. It also grows in highly acidic clay soil and highly alkaline red soil. A candidate for most purposes and environments. Once harvested it must be planted within 24 hours.
  • Shade Over Grass:
    Shade growing grass. Larger and longer than usual leaves that absorb sunlight that reflects off its surroundings. It is a water-loving grass and also has a surprisingly high drought tolerence. Pest control can be kept to a minimum as this grass is not susceptible to attack from most known pests. Cutting should be every 14 days for consistency.
  • TiffSport Grass:
    Bred from indigenous parental strains. It has a distinguished dark green colour and has a fine and soft leaf texture. Excellent dormancy period as it survives under the radar in winter. It suits a variety of soil types with various wide-ranging pH levels. This grass is commonly used in sporting establishments.
  • Lawn Food:
    To keep your lawn green all year-round, you have to take care of it. The basics of course is food and water. We supply a specially composed lawn food. We also supply fertilizer, manure, 50/50 mixture. And we deliver too!

Gift Lawns Instant Lawn Services:

  • Supplying and Laying:
    Supply all our grass and have highly skilled personnel who do the laying. We acclimatize the grass to your environment to ensure instant adaptation.
  • Ground Preparation:
    Lay the foundation of your new lawn. A highly skilled landscaping taskforce will deal with all land preparation. We will ensure your soil is well aerated for best results.
  • Chemical Application:
    Apply chemicals and treat lawn to prevent pests and unwanted weeds. Lawn is very delicate but naturally has a high defense against pests.
  • Top Soil, Dressing & Compost:
    Supply and condition top soil, and other sub-soils as well. Supply low cost and high quality lawn dressing. We also supply compost and manure.

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