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Hingham Nursery and Tea Garden

Garden Decor - Durban - Hingham Nursery and Tea Garden

The Hingham Nursery was established in 1975 and is proud to offer the best products and efficient customer service to customers. The Gift Shop stock a range of well priced, interesting products, and the thatched roof tea garden is a popular gathering place for friends and for ladies birthday parties. The nursery stock Indigenous Plants, Palms, Roses, Conifers, Seedlings, Herbs, Vegtables and Fruit Trees, and also Organics, Fertilizers and Chemicals. Hingham Nursery offers a delivery service in the area, from Monday to Friday.

Hingham Nursery & Tea Garden products & services:

  • Gift & Decor Shop
  • Tea Garden: fresh baked goods and light lunches
  • Plants: Indigenous Plants, Bonsai, Palms, Roses, Conifers, Seedlings, Herbs, Vegtables, Fruit Trees
  • Garden Decor & Plant Accessories: Pots, Water Features, Garden Furniture, Lattice & Logrolls, Concrete Pavers & Sleepers
  • Organics, Fertilizers & Chemicals
  • Landscaping
  • Delivery Service: Monday to Friday

Hingham Nursery & Tea Garden Contact Details:

Tel: 031 564 3062  / 074 141 5776

Alternative number: 031 563 4641 / 074 170 6621

Fax: 031 563 9841 /  031 563 3021



Physical Address:
15 Clematis Grove,
Glenhills off Rinaldo Road

Postal Address:
P.O Box 22195
Glenashley 4022

Tea Garden - Durban - Hingham Nursery