Ilnika Landscaping and Nursery - Germiston


Ilnika Landscaping and Nursery offers you not only their horticulture services, but also a wholesale nursery. The nursery specialises in indigenous and exotic trees, plants and aloes. This ensures a wide selection of quality and affordable choices for our clients. Ornamental grasses, ground covers, shrubs, trees and other exotic plants are grown especially for the climate and conditions within South Africa.

Ilnika Landscaping guarantees quality landscaping services throughout the project and innovation complemented by practical design. Evaluation is done according to specific requirements, and individual solutions are provided that reflects our clients lifestyle.

Ilnika Landscaping and Nursery Services:

  • Any Size Landscaping Project – from pocket gardens to office parks
  • Landscaping Plans – designed to give you a holistic view of the end product
  • Individual Irrigations – that determine your actual watering needs
  • A wholesale Nursery – specialises in the growing of indigenous and exotic plants
  • Water-Features, Ponds and Dams & their accompanying filtration systems
  • A scientific creative approach cultivated by experts in the field

Ilnika Landscaping and Nursery Contact Details:

Tel: 082 373 7004



Physical Address:
2 Brickfield Road
Plantyard Nursery
Meadowvale Mall
Germiston, 1401