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Instant Lawn | The Grass Spot | Gauteng

The Grass Spot is based in Gauteng, and has more than six years experience in the field of instant lawn and seedling trays. They offer the best quality LM grass and seedlings throughout the year, because it is cultivated in hot houses, and under irrigation.

The Grass Spot offers LM Instant Lawn, LM Seedlings, Plugs of LM, Grass Sods.

The Grass Spot products & services:

  • Plugs of LM – 200 plugs per tray, then planted in prepared soil, may take between 3 – 5 months for a 100% coverage.
  • Grass Sods – cut and laid over prepared area after soil preparation, roots established within 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Deliveries throughout Gauteng, and installation of instant lawn if required.

The Grass Spot Contact Details:

Contact Person for Trays / Seedlings / Plugs: Alida Botha

Cell: 083-398-3090


Contact Person for Instant Lawn / Sods: Pieter Botha

Cell: 083-468-4727


Physical Address:
The Grass Spot
North of Pretoria
South Africa