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Instant Organic Lawn. Environmentally mindful customers use Organic Lawn Care Programs to nourish their lawns all season long. They use 100% natural fertilizers, which are also kid and pet friendly. The products used in organic lawn treatment programs work on any type of grass, in any kind of climate. No matter where you live, you could enjoy a lush, green lawn all year round!

Organic Lawns is a family owned and operated grass farm with the aim of providing the best grass and service in the business, at affordable prices. Our grass is maintained by a strict program on our organic farm. It is shipped straight from the farm, which guarantees fresh grass on delivery. We plant the grass and use top soil to nurture it. All you have to do is water it.

Instant Organic Lawn. Care for your lawn naturally, because a healthy lawn looks attractive. No need to use chemicals and pesticides to protect it from possible bacteria or fungus attacks. If the Instant Organic Lawn Care Program is followed as per instructions, your lawn will blossom and enhance the appearance of your home.

At Organic Lawns farm we pride ourselves on the system that we use to grow and maintain our grass farm. We believe in keeping things simple. Just do things correctly. Some people might want to give their lawns a nice clean-up. Or they may have purchased a new home with a neglected lawn, which needs repairs.

Organic Lawn Treatment Program for Lawn Repairs:

  • Worn down areas that get heavy traffic and haven’t grown back
  • Weeds populating the lawn
  • Bare spots
  • Dead-looking areas where pets may have used the bathroom or something was spilled

Instant Organic Lawn Services:

  • Delivery & Installation of Grass.
  • Plant Grass and use Top Soil to nurture it – all the customer has to do is water it.
  • Organic Lawn Treatment Programs – environmentally friendly, safe for kids and pets.
  • Organic Lawn Treatment Program Products work on any type of grass in any kind of climate.

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Organic Lawns – Call Karen Boshoff +27 (0) 82 556 4005



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