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Roses go bananas!
Chop banana peels and bury beneath your rose plant!

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Growing your own Apple Tree

For Apple trees to flower they need a long period at low temperatures which means the climate of the Western Cape is the most suitable, although they can be grown in gardens almost anywhere in South Africa. The best time to plant your apple tree is during winter. The soil must drain well and have a pH of around 6.5. They prefer a sunny position (6+ hours of direct sunlight daily) in the garden and plenty of compost should be added to the hole. Water well during hot seasons and control weeds around the trees to stop them from competing for water and fertiliser. Also apply an organic mulch around the tree.

Garden Refuse Dumps in Pretoria

Garden Refuse Dumps in Pretoria. A list of all the garden refuse dumps or transfer stations and domestic refuse transfer stations open in 2016. The Waste Management Division of the City of Tshwane currently has ten garden refuse transfer stations and two refuse...

Care for Grass in Winter

Care for Grass in Winter Grass needs to be regularly maintained to look neat and attractive by cutting, fertilising and watering it. Winter can cause these lush green summer lawns to either turn muddy or threadbare, depending on where you live. Winter in South Africa...

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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows Installations Apex Aluminium is a Port Elizabeth-based manufacturer and installation specialist for premium quality aluminium windows. We customise products to our clients’ requirements.  Aluminium windows are durable,...

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Apex Aluminium

Apex Aluminium is a trusted manufacturer and installation specialist for high quality aluminium doors, windows, shopfronts and garages in Port Elizabeth. We can customise products to our clients’ requirements and we offer free consultation to help you make a decision...

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Rubble Removal Experts

Rubble Removal Experts - Equestria Pretoria. We have 10 Years industry experience, and operate in Gauteng. We provide free advice and consultation, and affordable services. The free advice pertaining to the requirements demanded by your project, includes site...

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