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Stump Grinding | Western Cape | Chip It

Chip It is based in the Western Cape, and specialises in a cost effective way of removing stumps from your garden, with a stump grinder. Chip It also provides a chipper for hire to chip wood, which can be used to build soil organic matter. Because of air pollution and burning restrictions, farmers use wood chipping as an alternative to brush burning.

Chip It services:

  • Chipper Hire – wood chips mixed with soil provides better aeration and reduces soil compaction, to be used for growing trees.
  • Stump Grinding – efficient, cost effective way to get rid of unwanted stumps.
  • Site Clearing – stump removal.

Chip It Contact Details:

Contact Person: Simon van Wyk

Tel: 084 504 5864



Physical Address:
Chip It
Western Cape
South Africa