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Swemgat Concrete Swimming Pools. According to the book, “The Swimming Pool” by Tom Griffiths, swimming pools began to appear throughout the world since 1920, but were considered to be playthings for the rich and famous. Since that time, swimming pool construction methods and design improved considerably. Concrete pool shells are still the most reliable option, offering a long life expectancy. The combination of a concrete pool shell lined inside with a 450 gram per square meter fiberglass lining, is gaining popularity due to the combined advantages. Concrete provides a solid foundation and rigid pool shell while fibreglass provides a flexible, watertight lining. A dream pool with light and water feature effects that will dazzle you, is now a possibility using off-the-shelf spouts and spa jets. To order pool products online and get convenient delivery anywhere in South Africa, swim to www.Swemgat.co.za.

Swemgat Concrete Swimming Pools – INSTALLATION SERVICES:

  • New swimming pools
  • Remodeling old pools
  • Pool heating
  • Pool safety nets
  • New spas
  • Chlorinators

A list of Product Categories that you can buy from our Online Store:

  • APC (Automatic Pool Cleaners)
  • Chemicals and Water Test kits
  • Chlorinators
  • Chlorinator spares
  • Cleaning equipment
  • DIY – Pools for remote locations
  • DIY – Pools for swimming schools
  • Koi pond equipment
  • Lights, Timers & DB Boards
  • Pipe, fittings, weirs, inlets
  • Pool heating
  • Filters using sand
  • Pump and filter sets
  • Pump & filter boxes
  • Pump design and selection
  • Pumps for swimming pools
  • Pumps for spas
  • Pumps for fountains, ponds
  • Pumps for irrigation, grey water
  • Pumps for dometic water supply
  • Special orders
  • Safety nets: Installed or DIY
  • Spa filters, heating, jets…
  • Water features
  • Want to build your own pool?
  • Water tight pool linings
  • Pool deck equipment & luxuries

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Hendrik Ehlers



35 Simonsvlei Crescent
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