The Tree Fella is a reliable company with over 15 years experience, servicing the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Felling services include emergency services, dangerous tree removal, site clearance, stump removal, trimming, topping and garden refuse removal.

Contact Moses The Tree Fella for a free quotation on tree felling services, as well as 24 hour emergencies.

Tree Fella services:

  • Free Quotations.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services.
  • Tree Felling.
  • Dangerous Tree Removal.
  • Site Clearance.
  • Stump Removal.
  • Trimming.
  • Topping.
  • Garden Refuse Removal.
  • Rubble Removal.

The Tree Fella Contact Details:

Contact Person: Moses

Tel: 082 070 3249


The Tree Fella
Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg