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Waterwise Gardens South Africa. Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery in Honeydew, Johannesburg, gives out tips on waterwise gardens and a list of waterwise plants for your garden. Visit our nursery where you will be delighted with our selection of drought resistant ground covers and other water wise plants, all available to you at competitive wholesale prices. In South Africa water is scarce. Planting water wise plants can be a major saving for any household. – See more at: http://www.windywillows.co.za/west-rand-johannesburg-roodepoort-honeydew-wholesale-nursery/water-wise-plants/#sthash.3qaKdABX.dpuf AND http://www.windywillows.co.za/drought-resistant-ground-covers/#sthash.xbamy5KP.dpuf.

Waterwise Gardens South Africa – Water Conservation Tips:

  • Group plants with similar water requirements in the same beds.
  • Lawn needs plenty of water – replace areas of lawn with indigenous groundcovers or gravel.
  • Minimize areas for planting annuals and bedding plants, they use more water.
  • Plant water wise plants such as agapanthus, dietes, tulbaghia and plumbago for the pavements or areas which are less frequented in the garden.
  • Mulch your plants to reduce water evaporation and keep the soil cool.
  • Build your own compost heap in the garden from all organic garden and household refuse, and apply to the garden.
  • Never water your garden during the midday heat in summer.
  • Deep weekly watering instead of shallow daily watering encourages deep root growth.
  • Harvest rainwater for re-use in the garden.
  • Install grey-water recycling systems to re-use bathwater for the garden.
  • Watch the weather report and switch off automatic sprinklers if rain is expected.
  • See more at: http://www.windywillows.co.za/west-rand-johannesburg-roodepoort-honeydew-wholesale-nursery/water-wise-plants/#sthash.3qaKdABX.dpuf

Waterwise Gardens South Africa – Drought Resistant Plants:

Codes: EG = Evergreen D = Deciduous H = Hardy SH = Semi Hardy FT = Frost Tender
I = Indigenous E = Exotic FS = Full Sun SS = Semi Shade GS/S = Groundcover Full sun
GC/Sh = Groundcover Shade Gr/S = Grass full sun Gr/Sh = Grass Shade

Agapanthus large blue 50cm EG H I FS/S
Agapanthus large white 50cm EG H I FS/S
Agapanthus nana blue 30cm EG H I FS/S
Agapanthus nana white 30cm EG H I FS/S
Aloe cooperi 15/20cm EG H I FS
Aloe thraski (arborescens) 2/3m EG H I FS
Bulbine orange 30cm EG H I FS/S
Bulbine yellow 30cm EG H I FS/S
Dietes bicolour 1m EG SH I FS/SS
Dietes grandiflora 1m EG SH I FS/SS
Dombeya rotundifolia 4/6m D SH I FS
Dovyallis caffra 3/5m EG SH I FS
Hedera Ivy large leaf 30cm EG SH E SS
Hedera Ivy variagated Ground/C EG SH E SS
Lantana sellowiana 20cm EG H I FS/S
Leonotus Lenorus 1.5m EG SH I FS
Plectranthus cilliatus 60cm EG SH I FS/SS
Plectranthus madagascariensis 15cm EG SH I FS/SS
Plumbago blue 1/1.5m EG H I FS
Plumbago white 1/1.5m EG H I FS
Tecoma capensis organge 2m EG H I FS
Tecoma capensis salmon 2m EG H I FS
Tecoma capensis yellow 2m EG H I FS
Trachelospurmum jasmin Ground/C EG SH E SS
Tulbachia green 30cm EG H I FS
Tulbachia variagated 30cm EG H I FS/S

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