Agapantha Greening is a landscaper in Cape Town with 21 years experience in the industry. Add value to your property by transforming your garden into your very own Eden, a tranquil place where you can unwind at the end of the day. Agapantha Greening is a family owned and managed business with a client base that include home owners, commercial properties, large estates and hotels.

Agapantha Greening services include Advice on garden planning; Garden services; Automated and manual irrigation; Plants and landscaping; Artistic water features; Novelty gardens; Tree planting; Herb and vegetable gardens, and all services are available Around the Cape Town area.

  • Landscaping & Plants: Design & Implementation
  • Gardens: Indigenous, Waterwise, Rose, Novelty, or designs of your choice
  • Garden Maintenance: Supervised Teams
  • Extra Services: Fertilizing, Composting, Pruning and Planting
  • Garden Clean-Ups: Remove dead vegetation, cut back hedges and overgrown trees, open up the garden
  • Irrigation: Installation & Repairs; Manual or Automatic Systems
  • Specialised Services: Paving & Pathways, Pet Gardens, Children’s Novelty Gardens.
  • Water Features
  • Estate Management

Contact Details for Agapantha Greening:

Contact Person:
Chris Radley

021 531 7251