Instant Lawn - Gauteng - Barretts Lawn

Barret’s Lawn is a leading lawn, instant grass and turf supplier in the Gauteng area, specialising in instant Kikuyu lawn of unbeatable quality. Barret’s Lawn offers quality, green instant kikuyu lawn all year round, which is supplied, delivered and laid by an expert team. Other services are veld grass cutting, weed treatment, paving, bed and lawn edging, and sports field mowing and upgrades.

Barret’s Lawn services:

  • Quality Instant Kikuyu Lawn and Turf: supplied, delivered & laid
  • Green Kikuyu Lawn available all year around
  • Lawn industry experts, leading turf suppliers
  • Expert suppliers of Instant Lawn & quality Turf in sod form
  • Subterranean water problem solving
  • Paving, Bed & Lawn edging
  • Sports field mowing and upgrades
  • Veld grass cutting
  • Paddock creation & installation
  • Weed Treatment

Barret’s Lawn Contact Details:

Mobile: 083 308 7689