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Composite Wood Products. Fishers Best Deck, suppliers of composite wood decking, deck tiles, floor planks, cladding and balustrading. Our Composite Wood Products are manufactured from recycled material. Go Green – Go Eco Friendly! All Best Deck products come with a 10 year guarantee. Fishers Best Deck is a reliable, cost-effective and trustworthy decking company.

The Fishers Best Deck Composite Wood Products are highly sought after, durable, reliable and affordable. Our expert team will make sure that you receive the ideal decking solution to suit your specific requirements. We will supply and assist you with the installation of the decking product of your choice. Our services are available throughout South Africa as well as our neighbouring countries.

Eco Friendly Composite Wood Decking at Affordable Prices:
All of our decking solutions are manufactured to be eco-friendly. We are a highly environmentally conscious company. We believe in reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. Our composite wood products are made up of recycled timber and bamboo, high density polypropylene, UV stabilisers and bonding agents. These materials combined create an exceptional and durable composite product, repelling moisture. This product leaves you with no maintenance, giving you a hassle free experience.

Our Decking Services:
We provide a highly personalised, efficient and hands on service. We deliver our products door to door. We will work with you to design and manufacture the ideal decking solution for your property, sizing the material and keeping your preferences in mind. We offer free quotations and quality guarantees.

Composite Wood Products:

  • Decking Range
  • Composite Floor Plank
  • Deck Accessories
  • Composite Deck Tiles
  • Composite Wood Balustrades
  • Composite Wall Cladding

Benefits of Composite Wood Products:

  • 100% Maintenance free.
  • 10 Year factory guarantee.
  • Will not twist/rot/splinter or be invaded by insects.
  • Easy installation.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Composite Decking is a Non Slip type of material.
  • It is a green building product – all materials are re cycled.
  • Our composite wood products are 30% timber/30% bamboo/30% high density polypropylene plastic and 10% bonding agents and up stabilizers.
  • What makes our product unique is that we are not aware of any other company using bamboo as an agent(yes you can get composite bamboo planks)I am referring to it as an additive, this is where it gets a lot of its strength from.
  • Double sided, non-slip on both sides (smooth side or side with grooves).

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