Agri-Organics cc is a supplier of various compost products for the domestic, commercial and agricultural markets, such as general compost, flower bed compost, clay soil conditioner, potted plant food, grass top dressing, and more. A Range of top quality compost is available from the Westwood Farm, Grabouw, which focuses on supplying more organic composting.

Roll-On-Lawn is based in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, and is a leading supplier of weed-free instant lawn that include Kikuyu, Buffalo, Cynodon and Berea/LM. Roll-On-Lawn is a registered supplier with SALI (South African Landscaping Institute) and their services include soil preperation, compost, fertilizing, lawn deliveries and lawn installation.

Agri-Organics products & services:

  • Compost – Fine, Medium, Coarse, Topsoil/Compost Mix, Potting Soil, Lawn Dressing, Organic Compost, Bark, Mulch.
  • Instant Lawn – Kikuyu, Buffalo, Cynodon, Berea/LM.
  • Instant Lawn Services – Quotations, Consultations, Earth shaping & preparation, Deliveries, Lawn installation.
  • Trees available – Acacia Karoo (Soetdoring); Celtis Africana (Wit Stinkhout); Pittisporum Viridiflorum (Cheese Wood); Quercus Paluspris (Pin Oak); Ekebergia Capensis (Kaapse Essenhout); Ficus Natalensis (Wildevy); Nuxia Floribunda (Bosvlier); Podocarpus Falcatus (Yellow Wood); Populus Simonii (Poplar); Popocarpus Latifolius (Yellow Wood); Quercus Nigra (Water Oak); Rhus Chirindensis (Red Current); Rhus Pendulina (Wit Karee); Syzigium Cordatum (Waterbessie); Sideroxylon Interme (Milkwood); Salix Mucronata (Kaapse Wilger); Combretum Erythrophyllum (River Bushwillow); Zyzigium Guineens (Water Pear).
  • Machine Hire – Digger Loader, Front End Loader, Tip Trucks.

Roll-On-Lawn Contact Details:

Tel: 021 851 6929

Fax: 021 852 3027


Postal Address:
PO Box 3272, Somerset West, 7129
Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa

Westwood Farm, Grabouw Contact Details:

Tel: 021 852-8632

Fax: 021 852-3027


Postal Address:
Westwood Farm, Grabouw
PO Box 3272
Somerset West
7129, Cape Town