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GardenPride Compost Deliveries | Gauteng. GardenPride have been supplying Compost, Lawn Dressing, Kraal Manure and Topsoil for the last 20 years. We pride ourselves in the supply of high quality products free of weeds and as close to “organic” as one can get to. Our customers have been using our products with amazing results all these years and we are constantly expanding. We have added to our product portfolio the following: “Worm Fertilizer” – a natural fertilizer and Kikuyu/LM Instant Lawn.

GardenPride products & services:

High quality, rich in natural and organic nutrients, and weed free. We deliver to typical residential markets ranging from 1m³ to 3m³ per load, and multiples thereof.
Kraal Manure:
High quality Kraal (Cow) Manure, a rich, cow digested and enzyme processed product,  ideal for gardens that need a strong boost, as well as enriching bad soils.
Sprinkle Kraal Manure over grass and mix in with soil for garden flower beds – you can only give your garden the best!
Be careful though, too much Kraal Manure can burn your grass and also direct application on flower beds without mixing a little can do more damage than good.
Lawn Dressing:
Most popular mix of our Organic Compost and sifted Topsoil – perfect for lawn as the soil provides drainage and the compost provides nutrients. We deliver to typical residential markets ranging from 1m³ to 3m³ per load, and multiples thereof.
Worm Fertilizer:
Vermicast process uses tons of earthworms in an all organic system to produce premium soil fertility products. So, if you are looking for a natural fertiliser, you have found the right source – we call it “Worm Fertilizer”!
Instant Lawn – Kikuyu and LM Berea being the most popular, and of high quality.
Kikuyu Grass is a popular grass found most common in residential houses and complexes, preferably in sunny areas. Reasonable low maintenance and has wide adaption to wet and dry conditions.
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