Ecosoil specialises in providing products that increase soil health and fertility, and to raise profits for farmers in an evironmentally friendly way. Healthy, chemically balanced soil can be obtained by using compost tea, the cheapest and fastest way to improve soil fertility.

Ecosoil provides compost tea, soil fertilisers, healthy soil, chemically balanced, environmentally friendly.

Ecosoil products & services:

  • Compost tea – water extraction of compost.
  • Compost tea consists of nutritive materials (organic compounds, micro and macro elements) and a wide variety of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes.
  • Ecosoil compost tea systems – highly effective and reliable.
  • Imported, extremely durable bubblers (more efficient in extracting and enhancing microbial growth than systems using perforated PVC pipes).

Ecosoil Contact Details:

Tel: 021 848 9434

Fax: 021 848 9783



Physical Address:
Portion 62 of farm Kromrivier
Western Cape
South Africa

Postal Address:
PO Box 460