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Concrete Garden Products – South Africa

Concrete Garden Products – South Africa – Manufacturer Supplier. GC Mouldings is a manufacturer and supplier of Concrete Garden- and Building Products.
GC Mouldings t/a Artcrete Design – we specialise in fountains, garden lamps, tables, benches, bird baths, paving stones, wall plaques, pots and vases, columns, caps and bases, balustrades, copings, statues, ornaments and other garden products. We do installations of garden products, supply pump accessories for fountains, and we also do deliveries.
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Concrete Garden Products & Services:

Water Features – Large fountains, fountains, ponds, spouts, wall mounted features
Pots / Trough / Bowls – wall mounted bowls, pots, vases, troughs, bowls, trays & stands, pots packed by hand
Stands & Pedestals
Statues & Ornaments
Garden Lamps
Tables & Benches
Bird Baths
Paving Stones
Wall Plaques
Pots & Vases
Caps & Bases
Balustrades & Copings
Other Garden Products.
We do Installations of Garden Products (at an extra cost)
We Supply Pump Accessories for Fountains (at an extra cost)
We do Deliveries (at an extra cost)

Contact Details:

Business Name:
GC Mouldings


Contact Person:
Das Chetty


Contact Person:
Gitesh Singh

Contact Number:
074 421 7422