Designer Gardens Landscaping Services

Designer Gardens Landscaping - Centurion

Designer Gardens Landscaping Services include the creating of beautiful gardens around the confines of your house, and to use the spaces to maximum effect. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a harmonious whole that will improve the appearance of your house. The concept, design, colour, plant combinations, form, texture, groupings and features we incorporate in your garden, will complement your home and lifestyle.

Designer Gardens Landscaping Services will help you to draw up a wish list and try to incorporate as many of them as possible. We will do an in depth assessment of your property before attempting your design. We analyze exactly what you want and get a feeling of your personality, likes and dislikes. Then we mould it into a pattern that is just right for you.

Designer Gardens Landscaping Services:

  • Specialise in Corporate, Residential, Townhouse and Complex Landscaping
  • Full Spectrum of Landscaping Services
  • Landscaping Designs
  • Complete Landscape Installation
  • Irrigation
  • Custom Designed Water Features
  • Koi Ponds
  • Rock Pools
  • Swimming Pools
  • Artificial Landscaped Rock Work
  • Garden Paths
  • Garden Recreation Areas
  • Bomas with Firepit
  • Formal Herb Gardens
  • Paving & Decorative Edging
  • Maintenance of the Above

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SP Botha