Farmyard Organics - Compost - Cramond

Farmyard Organics in Cramond, KZN, is an expert in producing premium compost, potting soil and soil-enhancing products. They offer growers, gardeners and farmers a comprehensive range of 100% natural soil-enhancing products. These include potting soil, lawn dressing, weed-free and odour-free compost, seedling growing mediums, mulch and 100% pure composted kraal manure.

Farmyard Organics compost and other products are made from organic compounds, and include kraal manure, spent mushroom substrate, horse manure, sawmill waste, bark and green waste. Pure natural waste products are transformed into products that care for your soil in the best way. Farmyard Organics are eco-friendly products effectively used for healthier, more nutrient rich soils.

Farmyard Organics Products:

  • Mulch: holds in soil moisture, smothers weeds, protects plant roots from winter cold.
  • Compost: enriches soil, reduces the need for water and pesticides, produce plants with fewer pest problems, improves the structure and texture of soil.
  • Lawn Treatment: develops a healthy root system, high in nitrogen for better growth, help making lawn less vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Benefits of Farmyard Organics products:

  • Improves soil structure & soil aeration
  • Improves soil ability to hold moisture which means less watering
  • Adds essential carbon and nitrogen to soils
  • Introduces essential trace elements to soil
  • Assists to consume harmful fungi spores, if present
  • Increases the number of beneficial microorganisms and worms in soil
  • Kills harmful pathogens in the soil
  • Inhibits weed growth
  • Healthier environment for plants to thrive

Farmyard Organics Contact Details:

Tel: 033 569 0680 or 083 626 4764



Physical Address:
Shaley Farm
District Rd 239
Cramond, 3220