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Fibre Features is a well established factory in Gerardsville, Centurion, with a wide range of fibre glass pond keeping and water features. Visit the Showroom display to view a wide selection of quality, natural looking water features, including self contained (recirculating) water features, waterfalls and streams in ground and above ground ponds, as well as a range of garden accessories.

These fibre glass products are natural looking, lightweight, strong, completely resistant to weathering, frost and UV light, and easy to install. The product range include Self Contained small, Self Contained medium, Self Contained large, Monoliths, Woodlands Collection, Shallow Ponds, Deep Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls, Grindstones and Bird Baths, and Pool Covers.

Fibre Features products & services:

  • DIY landscaping: easy to install water features.
  • Ponds & Pond Products: small, medium & large size fibre glass ponds in various designs, with a natural rock like finish.
  • Self Contained Water Features: small, medium & large, recirculating, self standing units with hidden pump.
  • Waterfalls & Streams: natural looking rock-like streams or waterways, different interlocking designs and textures.
  • Woodlands Range: made of durable, lightweight fibre glass with natural wood details, with underwater pond pump.
  • Rocks & Accessories: fibre glass African grindstones, lightweight boulders and monoliths.
  • Pool Pump Covers: rock-like pool filter and pump covers.
  • Deliver Countrywide.

Fibre Features Contact Details:

Tel: 083-406-1677 OR 073-870-1721

Email: cascadia@netactive.co.za

Website: www.fibrefeatures.co.za

Physical Address:
Fibre Features
97, 3rd Avenue