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Green Fingers Tree Felling Service. Green Fingers in Bloemfontein has an expert team for the speedy, efficient trimming, cutting and removing of trees. They offer free quotes on tree trimming, tree felling and tree surgery, and their professional services are available from Monday to Saturday, anywhere between Bloemfontein and Kroonstad on the N1 highway.

Tree Felling Service:

  • Tree felling can be dangerous, it is best to hire a professional.
  • Assess the overall condition of the tree, examine it for dead branches, and whether there are any branches from other trees interfering with the tree that will need to be removed before proceeding.
  • Examine the base of the tree for signs of root instability, and clear out a work space around the tree.
  • Determine where you intend for the tree to fall. Select a direction that is close to the tree’s natural lean.
  • Plan an Escape Route and Secure Rope. Clear an area at a 45 degree angle away from the tree and its fall corridor.
  • Using your chainsaw, make your first cut more than halfway through the tree. Then make the second to join this one in as a notch. The “mouth” of this notch should face in the direction that you plan on having the tree fall.
  •  Make a cut on the other side of the tree towards the notch. The tree should begin to fall in the direction of the notch.
  • Clear the Way. When the tree falls it is very important to get out of the way quickly.

All Services:

  • Tree Felling
  • Rot Removal
  • Trimming Service
  • Monday to Saturday
  • Free quote on tree trimming, tree felling, tree surgery

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Tel: 082 412 4605



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