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Greena Gardens is a developer and supplier of scientifically formulated home and garden care products. This range of indoor and outdoor products keep unhygienic pests out of your home, keep your garden free of diseases and pests, and help create beautiful gardens.

Greena offers a Helpline where you can ask them about problems regarding an insect, disease or weed which is damaging your plants or invading your garden, for free – just send a clear picture and brief description, and  Green will identify the problem and recommend You can buy products from the Greena Web Store, which will be delivered free to your door (Terms & conditions apply).

Greena Gardens products & services:

  • Fertilisers: Lawns; Seedling & Planting; Lawns & Foliar Plants; Lawns & Gardens; Fruit & Vegetables; Vegetables, Flowers & Flowering Shrubs; Roses & Flowers; Flowering & Fruit Bearing Plants.
  • Herbicides: Annual Broadleef Weeds; Annual & Perennial Broadleaf & Grass Weeds.
  • Insecticides: ants, beetles, bugs, mite, fleas, moths, snails, ticks, etc.
  • Fungicides: Anthracnose, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Rust.
  • Adjuvants: Wetting Agent
  • Accessories: Spray Bottles
  • Value Packs
  • Online Shopping: FREE Delivery to your door (all metropolitan areas, no delivery charge – enquiries at 011 927 3258
  • Ask Greena: don’t now what insect, disease or weed is damaging your plants or invading your garden? Go to

Greena Gardens (Pty) Ltd Contact Details:

Technical & Sales:
+27 11 927 3258
+27 84 802 7936

Head Office:
+27 11 884 3777

+27 86 533 0459



Physical Address:
Greena Gardens (Pty) Ltd
7th Floor, Sandton Office Tower
Cnr Rivonia Rd & Fifth St, Sandton, 2196

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