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Popular Groundcovers - South Africa

Popular Groundcovers South Africa. Indigenous Groundcovers and other popular groundcovers. A list of groundcovers that solve many landscape problems like erosion, hillside areas, tight corners, dry areas, sunny or shaded areas. Most groundcovers need little maintenance, hold the soil and keep weeds under control. Some groundcovers are evergreen and others loose their foliage in winter.


Heartleaf (Aptenia cordifolia):
Succulent-type leaves and bright magenta pink flowers.
Full sun or semi-shade.
Flat and fast growing, spreading rapidly.
Drought-resistant plant, but can tolerate high rainfall and irregular watering.
Plant on dry slopes or steep embankments to hold the soil.

Bushy Bulbine (Bulbine abyssinica):
Grassy stems in a clump.
Hardy, water-wise plant – frost and drought resistant.
Brilliant yellow flowers in summer.
Rocky gardens with shallow soil.

Fairy Stars (Chaetacanthus setiger):
Low spreading groundcover, small white flowers, attracts butterflies.
Frost hardy, full sun, water-wise.
Attractive round leaves.
White or sometimes blue flowers.
Mass planting, rock gardens, coastal gardens, water features.

Dainty Crassula (Crassula expansa):
Evergreen succulent groundcover.
Fairly hardy, mat-forming.
Quick spreading in sun/semi-shade.
Small, rubbery leaves with finely scalloped edges.
Tiny white flowers.
Miniature gardens.

Silver Carpet (Dymondia margaretae):
Sun and well-drained soil.
Hardy, compact carpet-forming groundcover.
Blue-grey foliage and yellow flowers.
Border for pathways and growing between paving stones.

Creeping Forest Grass (Oplismenus hirtellus):
Flowering perennial plant.
Small ornamental spreading grass.
Broad, deep green, lancet-shaped leaves.
Flowers in spikelets that alternate along the flowering stalk.
Grows well in shady areas under trees or between stepping-stones along shady paths.

Othonna (Othonna capensis):
Evergreen, perennial succulent.
Full sun, good drainage essential.
Low-spreading, grey-green – not a fast spreader.
Small yellow daisy flowers.
Rock gardens, borders, containers.

Dwarf Golden Spekboom (Portulacaria afra aurea ‘nana’):
Succulent plant with small leaves and red stems.
Drought-resistant, semi-evergreen upright shrub.
Small star-shaped pink flowers.
Full sun.
Holds soil, ideal for dry rocky outcrops and slopes.

Moss Fern (Selaginella kraussiana):
Fern-like trailing spike moss.
Deeply shaded moist to wet areas – do not allow it to dry out.
Frost-free regions, away from wind.
Moderate growth rate.
No flowers.
Between paving stones or rockery or as pot plant.


Creeping Jenny / Penningkruid:
Evergreen, low growing groundcover.
Green or golden yellow leaves.
Thrive in full sun or semi-shade, as long as the soil is kept moist.
Frost hardy.

Creeping Sedums:
Some creeping groundcover types form dense mats only 8cm tall.
Drought tolerant, versatile, easy to grow.
Succulent leaves.
Plant in well-drained soil – do not over-water.
Most creeping sedums prefer full sun, but will tolerate semi-shade.
Plant in rock gardens, walls and containers, or as edging for borders.

Hardy herbaceous perennial groundcover.
Fast growing and ideal for shady, dry areas.
Green or golden yellow leaves.
Frost hardy and grow well in most soils.

Mondo Grass:
Not really a grass, but it looks like one (a member of the lily family).
An evergreen perennial ideal to grow as a groundcover.
Plant as an edging for borders, sidewalks, or driveways.
Sun to semi-shade, in rich, moist soil for best results (ideal next to water features and alongside streams and dams).

An upright, aromatic groundcover for beds, borders, and containers.
Small perennial herb with fragrant leaves and flowers that can be used fresh or dried.
Creeping varieties can handle moderate foot traffic.
Plant in full sun and well-drained soil.
Woolly thymes prefer dry climates and good air circulation, and can tolerate partial shade.

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