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Insect Repellent Plants

Insect Repellant Plants - Stodels Garden Guide - South Africa
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Insect Repellent Plants. Stop irritating flies and other insects from buzzing around. Here is a few plants to keep insects at bay – plants that repel flies, ants, moths, fleas, roaches, and even mice.

List of  Insect Repellent Plants:

Natural insect repellent.
Add it to bread and pasta dishes for wonderful flavour.
Naturally repels flies.
Stimulates the growth of vegetables when planted close to them.
Use it in tomato dishes, salads and meat.
Not always readily available herb.
Flies, moths, roaches, earwigs and mice hate it’s subtle scent.
Grow fresh Bay plants in infested areas, or use dried bay leaves that work just as well.
Natural flea repellent.
Plant it along the edges of your vegetable patch.
Highly effective natural insecticide.
Repels mice, ticks and fleas.
Grow it in your garden to repel outdoor flies.
Hang dried lavender inside your home near the infested area.
Repel flies and aphids.
A useful and inexpensive fresh or dried herb that can repel flies.
Also helpful against mosquitoes, ants and mice.
Keep crushed mint leaves in a shallow bowl to keep flies away, or
Fill a few muslin teabags with dried crushed mint leaves and keep them in the infested areas.
Citronella is a natural oil found in lemongrass (citronella candles are available in shops, to keep mosquitoes away).
Useful as a fly repellent, and has wonderful culinary benefits.
The plant itself will not repel flies, to release its chemicals you must first bruise the leaves.
To be an effective fly repellent, simply cut off a few stems and rub them between your hands.
A hardy herb that is very adaptable and will thrive in your herb garden, a rock garden, a front border or a pot, in sunny locations.
Repels ants.
Excellent natural fertiliser – let fallen leaves decompose naturally into the soil.

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