Rollonlawn is a a horticultural company based in Cape Town, that specialises in lush instant lawn for domestic and commercial clients. Rollonlawn offers comprehensive services, competitively priced rates, and a range of grass types to choose from.

Products and Services include Roll On Lawn, On Site Evaluation, Delivery Service, LM Berea, Kikuyu, Bermuda, Black Jack, Buffalo, Gulf Green.

Rollonlawn products & services:

  • Grass Types – Kikuyu (most common, most affordable, full sun, fast growing); Bermuda (full sun, tolerates traffic); Black Jack (genetically modified Bermuda lawn); Buffalo (broad, dark green leaf, high shade tolerance); Gulf Green (soft, deep green, small manicured ares); LM Berea (very popular in KZN, highest shade tolerance).
  • Evaluation Service – Lawn product recommendation, Landscape alterations, Irrigation instillation and optional computer automation, Soil condition and suitability for selected product, Area size, Quotation.
  • Full Service – Seed Bed Preparation, Irrigation Installation, Compost & Fertilisers, Lay Roll On Lawn, Finishing.

Rollonlawn Contact Details:

Cell no. 0836588044



Physical Address:
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa