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Kikuyu Instant Lawn – Tofnic Pretoria

Kikuyu Instant Lawn – Tofnic Pretoria. Tofnic is a supplier of big and small orders of Kikuyu instant lawn for garden renovations, new home owners and developers in the greater Pretoria area, Gauteng. They supply the popular Kikuyu grass which requires minimum care, at affordable prices.

Tofnic offers Kikuyu Grass, Quality Grass, Affordable Rates, Domestic Lawns, Sports Fields, and offers tips on how to care for your lawn, such as mowing, sunlight, nutrients, watering, compaction, weeds and pests.

Kikuyu Grass is a low maintenance grass. It can tolerate low fertility and high heat. It can recover from drought conditions. Kikuyu grass has a low tolerance for cold temperatures. It has a tendency to “scalp” when mowed short. It is vigorous, light green grass which grows well in most areas except for coastal areas where it seems to battle with the humidity. Kikuyu has a high wearability and ability to recuperate as well as a high thatching tendency and establishment vigour. It has poor shade tolerance.
It is widely used for:
Sports Fields
Road Verge
Erosion Control
Domestic Lawn

Tofnic products & services:

  • Instant Ground Cover.
  • Guaranteed Quality Grass.
  • Kikuyu Grass – low maintenance, tolerate cold temperatures and poor shade and high heat (not recommended for coastal areas & humidity).
  • Used for Domestic lawns, Sports fields, Reclamation, Road verge, Erosion control, Pastures.

Advantage of  Instant Lawn:

  • Instant green ground cover.
  • Time lapse between planting and a beautiful lawn is very short.
  • Guaranteed good quality grass
  • Low cost

Tofnic Contact Details:

Contact Person:
Toffie de Villiers

082 566 7084



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Tofnic Instant Lawn / Kitsgras
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