Leeuwbank Instant Lawn is located in the Free State, and is a leading supplier of instant lawn, with a 100 ha farmland where the instant lawn is grown under pivot irrigation.

Leeuwbank Instant Lawn supplies Kikuyu lawn which is generally available throughout the year, is a fast growing, creeping lawn, and is ideal for sunny positions and high traffic.

Leeuwbank Instant Lawn products & services:

  • Instant Lawn Preparation Guidelines.
  • Kikuyu Lawn – Good wear resistance, Fast growing, Suitable to a wide range of soil types, Ideal pH 6.5.
  • Installation Tips for New Lawn.
  • Lawn Maintenance Guidelines – Proper Watering, Proper Fertilization, Good Mowing Practice.

Leeuwbank Instant Lawn Contact Details:

Contact Person: Marius

Tel: 079-189-1008

Website: www.leeuwbank.com

Physical Address:
Leeuwbank Instant Lawn
Free State