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Landscaping Stone Pebbles South Africa is a leading supplier of landscaping stones, pebbles, bark, mulch, dump rocks and bricks in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town. We specialize in Dump Rocks (Grey, Silica Cream, Quartz, Granite, Pink) – 19mm, Landscaping and Building Grey Stones – 13mm, and Landscaping and Building Stones. We offer free delivery in 10 cubic, 12 cubic and 18 cubic meter trucks.

Landscaping Stone Pebbles supplies bagged stones, gravel and garden pebbles in convenient 20kg bags, which is suitable for small quantity purchases, for home garden and driveway use.

Landscaping Stone Pebbles products & services:

  • Brown Stone Pebbles
  • Multi-Colour Pebbles
  • White Stone Pebbles
  • Bark, Mulch & Dressing: weed free & smell free Garden Mulch, Bark, Top Soil, Compost, Lawn Dressing
  • Bagged Products: in convenient 20KG (15DM) bags, suitable for small quantity purchases
  • Gabions & Erosion Control Systems: Gabion Rocks, Gabion Baskets, Ground Stabilisation Blocks, Grass Block Pavers
  • Cement & Sand Products
  • Timely & Affordable Deliveries
  • Supply, Deliver, Prepare your ground & Install

Contact Details for Landscaping Stone Pebbles South Africa:

Contact Person:
James Chabata

072 649 7210



215 Danie Theron street
Pretoria North