MiCleine specialises in quality garden and maintenance services to estates, shopping centres, corporate business parks and sectional title complexes in the Pretoria East and Centurion area, based on their individual requirements. Garden maintenance include garden refuse removal, lawn mowing and edge trimming, hedge and shrubs trimming, turning flower beds, watering, weed cleaning from paving, seasonal pruning, bi-annual cutting of roses, and composting, lawn dressing and fertilizing.

Other services include swimming pool maintenance, cleaning services (stairwells, passages, walkways, paved areas, garage doors, garden clean-ups and rubble removal), as well as general maintenance (changing of light bulbs, inspection of premises and electric fencing, and small maintenance such as leaking taps, burst pipes, etc.)

MiCleine Garden & Maintenance Services:

  • One Stop Solution for Estates, Shopping Centres, Corporate Business Parks and Sectional Title Complexes.
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Cleaning Services
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • General Maintenance

MiCleine Garden & Maintenance Services Contact Details:

Werner Kunert: 082 872 5782

Jan van Zyl: 082 461 7756

Email: admin@micleine.co.za

Fax: 0866 943 915

Website: http://www.micleine.co.za