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Patio Pot Rainsaver – Rainwater Harvesting Tank – Calcamite Tanks. Due to water shortages rainwater harvesting has become a critical necessity. Our new designed rainsaver pot serves two different functions. It can be used as a flower pot and also to catch up rainwater to re-use for irrigating the garden. This aesthetically pleasing rainwater harvesting tank is a must for the eco-friendly household. Size: 400L. Dimensions: W0.9m x D0.5m x H1.35m.

Calcamite was founded in 1976 and has since then become the leader in on site sanitation and rainwater harvesting solutions in Southern Africa. Our quality products achieved SABS and Agrément certification.

Patio Pot Rainsaver & Rainwater Harvesting Tanks:

  • Patio Pot Rainsaver 400L
  • Rhino Tank 260L
  • Rhino Raincatcha 650L
  • Raincatcha 3000
  • Rhino Raincatcha 850L Oval
  • Rhino Raincatcha 950L
  • Rhino Raincatcha 1000L Round
  • Rhino Raincatcha Water Tank 1200L
  • Rhino Raincatcha 2200L

Green & Eco-Friendly Products supplied by Calcamite:

  • Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems (sewerage)
  • Grey Water Treatment Systems
  • Rural Sanitation
  • Full Flush Waterless Toilet

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