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Patio South Africa Outdoor Furniture - Cape Town
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Patio South Africa Outdoor Furniture. We specialize in the Distribution and Sales of Affordable, Quality, Cast Aluminium, Garden Patio Furniture. We have a variety of styles and designs in 2 to 12 seated cast aluminium furniture sets, to suit your individual needs. We offer quality outdoor cast aluminium furniture, welded for strength and durability. Patio SA and FiRNiC furniture sets are truly unique, affordable and made for comfort.

Patio South Africa Outdoor Furniture sets will turn any backyard into a garden you can escape to, to unwind and relax! Our Outdoor furniture are epoxy powder coated and polyester finished. It is durable with anti-corrosion capability. We offer an extensive product line with a wide range of artistic designs and beautiful colours available. From finely crafted wrought iron furniture, sand cast aluminium and garden outdoor furniture, to elegant but durable patio furniture pieces. Check out our design styles and assorted epoxy coated patio cast aluminium outdoor furniture sets from 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 seated sets. Our sets are affordable, and have the highest quality.

Cast aluminium furniture can be produced with either sand or die casting. The type of casting used will influence the aesthetics of the final result or finished product. Sand-casting is the more popular choice, and produces slight “imperfections” that give each piece its own unique charm. Patio South Africa and FiRNiC Sand Cast Aluminium Outdoor Furniture – Uniquely Yours!

Patio South Africa Outdoor Furniture:

  • Outdoor Cast Aluminium Garden Patio Furniture
  • Finely Crafted Wrought Iron Furniture
  • Furniture Sets: 2 to 12 Seated Sets
  • Strong and Durable
  • Range of Artistic Designs and Colours

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Contact Person:
Firosa Da Costa



Po Box 12214
N1 City, 7463
Cape Town
Western Cape