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Smaller Garden Plants. Smaller gardens create exciting new landscaping and planting challenges, where a simple design and attention to scale is essential (don’t over-plant). Make your small space appear larger, create an entertainment area, or design a cosy garden with privacy in mind. Your choice of smaller garden plants depend on altitude, temperature, soil type, rainfall, and sun and shade (tall evergreens on the north side of the garden will block out winter sunshine).



Smaller Garden Plants - Japanese Maple Tree


Must have a non-invasive root system.
Choose between evergreens for privacy and a year round green garden, or deciduous trees that shed their leaves in winter to let in the sun.
Popular Trees include:
Tree wisteria (Bolusanthus speciosus) – 7m x 4m, slender, erect shape, attractive bark, lilac-blue flowers in spring.
Lavender tree (Heteropyxis natalensis) – 6m x 5m, attractive bark, foliage turns red in autumn, narrow growth habit.
Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) – dainty foliage and rich autumn colour, suitable for inland gardens.
Tree fuchsia (Halleria lucida) – grows 5m tall, nectar-rich orange-red blooms and berries which attract birds.
Pompom tree (Dais cotinifolia). A fast-growing evergreen tree, height and spread of 5m x 3m, bears clusters of pink flowers in summer.


Smaller Garden Plants - Sacred Bamboo Shrub

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Wild pomegranate (Burchellia bubaline)- glossy green leaves, clusters of bright orange tubular flowers which attract sunbirds.
Mexican orange blossom (Choisya ternata) – glossy green, fragrant foliage, scented white flowers in spring.
Freylinia tropica – upright growth habit and small leaves. Delicate white or mauve flowers, attract butterflies.
Sacred bamboo (Nandina domestica) and the dwarf cultivar ‘Pygmaea’ – bamboo-like stems and fern-like leaves, assume red shades in winter.
Polygala fruticosa – small, rounded shrub that bears purple-pink flowers in summer, attracts butterflies.
Australian rosemary (Westringia fruticosa) – an extremely hardy shrub with needle-like grey-green leaves, tiny flowers.

Day lilies (hemerocallis) – attractive evergreen varieties, graceful arching leaves, provide a dazzling display from early summer well into autumn, Grow between shrubs and in borders.
Gaura lindheimeri – best grown in clusters in full sun, dainty pink and white butterfly-like flowers on tall wiry stems, can withstand heat and drought.
Hellebores – grow in dappled or semi-shade in enriched soil, are among the first flowers to appear in winter, are able to withstand cold and frost.
Salvia farinacea ‘Victoria’ – plant in groups, neat, clump-forming plant with upright flower spikes of indigo-blue flowers.
Bulbine frutescens – water wise, clump-forming plant with grass-like succulent foliage and yellow or orange flowers. A great ground cover for hot areas.


Smaller Garden Plants - Cineraria - Annuals

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Use as fillers among permanent plantings to provide instant colour.
Alyssum, lobelia, verbena – trailing plants.
English daisy, bedding begonia, dianthus, impatiens, nicotiana, petunia and phlox particularly suit small gardens.
Also marigold, calendula, poppy, nemesia and gazania ideal for the patio.
Mauve and purple cineraria, pansy, and primula to introduce subtle depth and shadows in the garden.

Smaller Garden Plants:

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