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SkyeRain Rainwater Harvesting and Grey Water Recycling. Better utilization of our water resources is no longer a debate. Its an imperative. The future cost of municipal water and pressure on municipal infrastructure to deliver water on a continuous basis are both predicted to rise exponentially. Therefore, rain and natural water harvesting as well as gray water recycling is an investment that is fast gaining traction and interest. It is an effort to offset rising costs of municipal water and also provide an alternative source of back-up supply.

SkyeRain Rainwater Harvesting. In addition water saving and efficient devices and systems are being developed to reduce household water consumption. Garden Irrigation Systems are more adaptable. We use new technologies to efficiently distribute water into the Garden when and where its needed. Whatever your need, SkyeRain is available to assist you to optimize your water utilization through the various services we offer.

SkyeRain Rainwater Harvesting & Other Services:

  • Design, Supply & Install Rain Water Harvesting, Conservation & Irrigation Systems
  • Agricultural, Domestic and Commercial Market
  • Surface & Underground Tanks & Reservoirs
  • Water Reticulation (garden taps, toilets, laundry)
  • Pressure Pumps
  • Garden & Parks Irrigation – manual & automated
  • Agricultural & Horticultural Irrigation
  • Sub Surface Drainage

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