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Stanler Farm Mushroom Compost. Stanler Farm is a supplier of mushroom compost, lawn dressing and topsoil. The farm recycles spent compost obtained from the largest mushroom producers in South Africa. We can boast the most nutritiously and consistently produced compost on the market.

Stanler Farm Mushroom Compost. The compost in which mushrooms are grown is produced scientifically to very exact specifications in order to create a quality organic fertilizer for their purposes. Mushroom Compost is extremely high in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium. It also contains a range of micro nutrients. Once the compost is produced by the mushroom grower, mushrooms are grown in it, and it is then sold on to Stanler Farms. This spent product is used by Stanler Farms either as the base of the other Stanler Farms products, or in its original composition as Mushroom Compost.

At Stanler Farms, we are proud and confident of our product. Our clients can enjoy lush gardens, beautifully kept golf courses and bowling greens, and fertile agricultural land. Our Mushroom Compost is available from Stanler Farms in Durbanville, Cape Town and Midrand, Johannesburg, by the bakkie or truck load. We also deliver – please request a quote.

Mushroom Compost:

  • A natural product which increases the humus in the soil.
  • High in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium.
  • Gives a good base for the active growth of microbes which in turn makes organic nutrients available for plants.
  • Healthy plants are grown, that is less susceptible to pests and diseases.
  • Compost also helps to retain water.
  • The compost in which mushrooms are grown is produced scientifically to create a quality organic fertilizer.

Benefits of using Compost:

  • A living, healthy soil, enriched by high levels of beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Good root structure to the plants and grasses, allowing optimal growth.
  • Minimal maintenance – no additional fertilizers needed.
  • Cost effective – excellent return on investment.
  • Lawn Dressing:
    A mixture of weed free mushroom compost and washed river sand.
  • Top Soil:
    Organically enriched, ideal to use when needing to fill/level an area before planting.

Stanler Farm Mushroom Compost Contact Details:


Physical Address:
Phone: 082 657 3715/6
Mobile: 083 601 1604
38 Summit Road, Blue Hills, Midrand
(off the R562)
Map Co ordinates 25o 55’ 42.33 S, 28o 03’ 47, 90 E
Phone: 021 975 1724
Peter’s Place, Klipheuwel Road,
Fisantekraal, Durbanville.
Map co-ordinates: 33o 47’ 22, 67 S, 18o 42’ 07, 08 E