Garden Centre - Cape Town - Starke Ayres

Starke Ayres Garden Centre is a leading retail outlet with branches in Rosebank and West Coast Village, Cape Town. Both branches provide teams of knowledgeable horticulturists, as well as a comprehensive range of decor and gardening products to the gardening and landscaping industry.

The Starke Ayres Garden Centre branch in West Coast Village, Sandown Road, Sunningdale, has a Restaurant that is open daily for breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and treats, and hosts great kiddies birthday parties – for enquiries and bookings for kiddies birthday parties, contact Janine Hoggins, Starke Ayres Restaurant Manager, on (021) 554 0535 or

Starke Ayres Garden Centre products & services:

  • Plants: Waterplants, Seedlings, Indigenous, Climbers, Herbs, Potplants, Fruit trees, Succulents, Roses.
  • Shop: Gifts, Organic Gardening Accessories, Florist Department, Pet Goodies Section
  • Compost / Fertilizers: Potting Soil, Rose and Shrub Soil, Lawn Dressing, Mushroom Compost, Compost, Mulch, Bark Chips, Seedling Mixture, Orchid Mix, River Sand, African Violet Soil, Protea Soil, Peat, Rock Dust, Bone Meal, Hoof and Horn.
  • Hard Landscaping: Trellises, Paving Slabs, Garden Edging, Stakes, Stone Chips, Terracotta, Cement, Glazed Pots, Water Features.
  • Landscaping Division.
  • Starke Ayres Seeds.
  • Kiddies Birthday Parties: Starke Ayres Garden Centre and Restaurant, West Coast Village, Sandown Road, Sunningdale.
  • Starke Ayres Restaurant – West Coast Village: open daily for breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and treats.

Starke Ayres Garden Centre, Rosebank Contact Details:

Tel: 021 685 4120
Fax: 021 685 3837

21 Liesbeek Parkway
Cape Town

Starke Ayres Garden Centre and Restaurant, West Coast Village Contact Details:

Tel: (Garden Centre) 021 554 8450
Fax: (Garden Centre) 021 554 0263

Tel: (Restaurant) 021 554 0535
Fax: (Restaurant) 021 554 0332

Sandown Road
Cape Town