The Indigenous Gardener is an online magazine that offers diverse information for South African gardeners. The magazine focuses on articles that will create an environmental balance in your garden, whether you have a traditional, neat garden or a wild garden. Articles for sustainable gardening practices include garden design, indigenous plants, eco-systems, climate, soil structure, birds, reptiles, fungi, butterflies, bees, and more. You can subscribe to this digital magazine for a monthly or annual fee. Go to for more detailed information.

The Indigenous Gardener offers:

  • Indigenous Nurseries Information (countrywide)
  • Plant Library: Trees, Large Shrubs, Medium Shrubs, Small Shrubs, Perennials/Groundcovers/Bulbs, Climbers, Grasses.
  • Monthly Articles & Events
  • Access to Web Based Articles
  • Gift Vouchers

The Indigenous Gardener Contact Details:

Owner/Editor/Writer: Anno Torr

Mobile: 072 602 5610



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The Indigenous Gardener