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Summer Garden Tips - South Africa

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Summer Garden Tips. Here are some guidelines to keep your garden looking beautiful throughout the summer. Keep your garden alive during the summer heat without driving your water bill higher, with these water wise tips. Implement new ideas to make your summer garden cool and inviting by planting a tree or two, install a fountain or water feature, and add outdoor furniture.

Summer Garden Tips:

Be Water Wise:
Water catchment during rainy season.
Water the garden early or late in the day to minimize evaporation.
Use drip irrigation where possible, it saves water.
Choose plants with a hardy root system (perennials and heat resistant plants with an extensive root system).
Mulch beds with organic matter to help retain moisture and nutrients, and to suppress weeds.

Cool off your Garden Area:
Plant a tree to shade your patio or porch for a cooler effect.
Place your outdoor furniture under a shady tree.
A fountain or water feature in the garden will have a cooling and soothing effect.

Add Containers to your Garden:
Containers are great for small gardens or limited space.
Dress up your porch or patio with containers.
Containers can be moved around to where there are gaps in the garden.
Best plants for pots: Sansevierias, Succulents, Yucca, etc.

Colourful Flowering Plants for Summer:
Leonotis – robust, fast growing, indigenous shrubs with brilliant orange flowers (there are about 7 species in Southern Africa).
Indigenous Wild Irises – tough, low maintenance, water wise and easy-to-grow plants.
Perennials – easy growing and versatile, with beautiful flowers.
Summer Perennials, Sun – Agapanthus; Angelonia; Bacopa (indigenous); Coreopsis; Diascia (indigenous); Felicia Amelloides (indigenous); Lavandula;
Nemesia (indigenous); Penstemon; Salvia; Verbena.
Summer Perennials, Shade – Agapanthus Dwarf Blue (indigenous); Aquilegia; Fuchsia; Zantedeschia Aethiopica or Arum Lily (indigenous).
Summer Annuals, Sun – Alyssum; Antirrhinum (Snapdragon); Chrysanthemum; Dahlia; Marigold; Salvia; Zinnia.
Summer Annuals, Shade – Begonia; Foxglove; Impatiens; Viola.

Garden Trends for 2016:

  • Drought Tolerant (water wise) Plants.
  • Container Plantings.
  • Edible Gardens.
  • Rainwater Harvesting.
  • Colouring Structures in the Garden (fences, arbors, and houses) – rather than white, brown or gray fences, they are painted dark green, dark blue or even black OR use a more subtle colour range – all white, or one colour gardens with details of a stone wall, interesting edging.
  • Sustainable Gardens with aesthetically-pleasing storm water management solutions.

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