Kimko Gardens is based in Somerset West, and their specialist services include the provision of Instant Lawn, Kikuyu Lawn, Landscaping, Hardscape Services, Irrigation Installations. Kimko Gardens is a supplier of excellent quality kikuyu instant lawn for big and small areas, and will prepare and lay the lawn as well.

Kimko Gardens products & services:

  • Instant Lawn (kikuyu) & Turf Installations.
  • Quality kikuyu instant lawn.
  • Clearing the lawn area from grass, weeds, stones, pebbles, building rubble (up to 2 tons).
  • Preparing the seed bed & adding organic conditioners to the soil.
  • Smooth and even out the surface.
  • Laying underground irrigation services (optional).
  • Compacting prepared area.
  • Stimulate the roll on lawn root development by adding super phosphate to soil.
  • Laying down instant lawn & Compacting it.
  • Dressing the lawn with nitrogen composite to stimulate leaf development.
  • Other Services include – Irrigation & Landscaping

Kimko Gardens Contact Details:


Tel: 084 2468 000

Tel: 084 2468 001


Physical Address:
Kimko Gardens
Somerset West
Western Cape
South Africa