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Van Stone Precast Water Features. Van Stone Precast (Pty) Ltd was established in 1948, and has been a household name in precast concrete products ever since. The Vanstone factory is in Rosslyn, Pretoria, Gauteng. We are professional concrete manufacturers of various garden, landscaping and paving products, offering quality products and service.

At Van Stone we aim to:

Ensure that manufacturing and delivery promises are met.
Utilize modern technology, supported by highly motivated and well trained personnel.
Handle small or large and complex orders and projects.
Use materials and methods that comply with the “Green Star 05” specification for concrete design, mixing and casting.

Water Features Sets:

  • Use various components including pots, figures, ponds and other items to create interesting water features.
  • Water Features Sets that we have already built and are well proven.
  • Create your own water feature by using our components and perhaps adding some of your own.

Van Stone Precast Water Features & Other Products:

Water Features
Pots and Planters
Landscaping, Streetscaping, Gardening Products
Grass Blocks
Tree Rings
Litter/Refuse Bins
Stone Cellar Blocks
Telecoms & Electrical Engineering Infrastructure
Civil Engineering, Railway, Building and Plumbing Products
Curbs / Kerbs
Pizza Oven Kit
Avalon Range
Builders’ and Plumbers’ Products

Van Stone Precast (Pty) Ltd Contact Details:

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(012) 541-1808/1801

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Physical Address:
Corner of Hardie Muller & William Hoy Streets

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Vanstone Precast (Pty) Ltd
PO Box 911-081