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Water Wise Plants Rand Water. The Water Wise Brand: “Water Wise” is Rand Water’s environmental brand. It is a campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the need to value water and to use it wisely. South Africa is a water stressed country. The water resources are under tremendous pressure from a growing population, ongoing development, pollution, wetland destruction, alien invasive plants and the effects of global warming.

The amount of water available for use remains the same. Despite plans to increase storage capacity through the building of new dams or water transfer schemes, predictions are that the demand for water will outstrip supply by 2025. Rand Water’s “Water Wise” campaign aims to change people’s attitude and behaviour, to use water more wisely.

Choose Water Wise Plants:

There are many beautiful plants which are naturally drough tresistant and require little watering once established.
Water Wise gardens focus on plant varieties that thrive with little water.
However, no plant is‘wrong’ in a Water Wise garden – it just needs to be in the right zone to use water most efficiently. You can select exotic as well as indigenous plants, as long as you plant them in the appropriate zone.

Recognising Water Wise plants:

  • All Water Wise plants have certain characteristics that make them water efficient.
  • By knowing these characteristics, you will be able to make a well informed decision as to whether a particular plant is suitable for the low water zone in your garden.
  • Small or needle-like leaves (ericas, most acacias, rosemary, origanum and thyme)
  • Reduced number of leaves – some plants reduce moisture loss by dispensing with leaves altogether, or shedding their leaves during drought periods.
  • Hairs on leaves and stems.
  • Waxy cuticle (mainly on leaves).
  • Bulbs and tubers.
  • Dormancy at certain times of the year.
  • Leaf size and shape. (Smaller leaves and digitate or palmate leaves)
  • Underground stems such as Erythrina zeyheri.
  • Reduced plant size (example low growing Indigofera spp and Hebe spp).
  • Fleshy leaves (such as aloes).

Water Wise Plants Rand Water:

Water Wise Plant Selection:
Careful consideration must be given to the species (type), size and condition of the plant, before selecting it. Indigenous plants offer a range that are most suited.

Choose Water Wise Plants:
There are many beautiful plants which are naturally drought resistant and require little watering once established.

Water Wise Plant Characteristics:
Plants have adapted to the various climates and microclimates they occupy.
Some of the adaptations are physical, eg. cacti in lower water areas have fleshy stems.

Water Wise Lawn:
Lawned areas make up a large portion in the garden in most South African gardens.
Safe water usage by reducing the amount of lawn area.

Water Wise Trees:
Why we should plant trees?
How to grow a tree with a strong root system to improve its ability to take up water.
Water Wise forest (trees), indigenous vs exotic.

Water Wise Plants Rand Water Contact Details:

Website: www.waterwise.co.za