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Waterwise Garden Features. Water features are a welcome addition to your garden in the summer months. They add a peaceful ambience and the white noise which they produce adds to your privacy when entertaining outdoors. However, water features can lose precious water on a daily basis if they are not managed correctly.

Waterwise Garden Features – a few Tips:

  • Invest in one big water feature as a focal point, rather than building a few smaller water features all around your garden.
  • A trickle or cascade water feature lose less water due to spillage.
  • Place your water feature in an area that is sheltered from the worst wind and sun, to reduce water loss caused by evaporation.
  • Water features with a central fountain should have a basin at least one and a half times the height of the fountain to prevent water from splashing out.
  • Switch off your water feature at night to save water and electricity.

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