Waterwise Trees - Coral Tree - Cap Town

Waterwise Trees. When planting a new tree in your garden, why not think water wise. Choose one of these low-maintenance, drought-hardy specimens.
Remember to water trees deeply, but less often. Aim to water trees a maximum of once a week during the summer months. Watering deeply encourages trees to develop deep root systems as the roots grow downwards in search of water. This makes them more resilient in times of drought.

Waterwise Trees – Stodels:

Cape Ash:
An evergreen, indigenous tree with glossy green leaves. It produces sweetly scented white flowers, followed by green berries, which turn red as the fruit ripens. Birds love to feed on the berries.
Coral Tree:
Deciduous tree which produces bright red flowers in spring. It has particularly thorny stems, so it’s a good choice for next to a boundary wall.
Kapok Tree:
Bears large pink flowers in mid-summer. It has fern-like foliage and also has thorny stems.
Kei Apple (indigenous):
An easy to grow evergreen tree which has glossy leaves and produces bright yellow fruit, which attract a multitude of birds to the garden.
Pepper Tree:
Tall tree with grey-green foliage which produces attractive, small red berries, which resemble pepper corns.
Rhus Crenata (Dune crow-berry):
Ideal for coastal gardens. It copes well in sandy soils and grows into a medium-sized tree with grey-green leaves
Sweet Thorn (Acacia Karroo):
Has delicate, fern-like foliage and produces attractive yellow pompon-like flowers. It gets its name from the sweet-tasting tree gum, which is eaten by people and animals.

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