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Winter Bedding Plants - Nu-Leaf Nursery - Gauteng

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Winter Bedding Plants at Nu-Leaf Nursery, one of the largest bedding plant nurseries in South Africa. We are located on the corner of Peter Road and Beyers Naudé in Honeydew, Johannesburg, and stock a large variety of summer and winter annuals and perennials. We are open 7 days a week, from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 17:00 and Saturday and Sunday trading from 8:00 to 16:00. Nu-Leaf Nursery provides quality plants and flowers, annual and perennial seedlings, and we have knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist you. We deliver our products to selected areas in Gauteng.

Nu-Leaf Nursery Information:

  • Nursery Plants
  • Bedding Plants: Summer Sun & Shade Annuals, Summer Sun & Shade Perennials, Winter Sun & Semi-Shade Annuals, Winter Sun & Semi-Shade Perennials, Grasses & Ground Covers
  • Cost Saving Trays: of 24, 128 and 200 plants in rigid polystyrene trays – promoting strong root growth and plant health
  • Selection of Perennials in Pots (for collection only) – perfect for the balcony garden
  • Nu-Leaf Nursery Gift Vouchers
  • FREE Delivery to selected Gauteng and Pretoria areas (minimum order: 2 trays of 128 or 200 plants)
  • Organic Seedling Food
  • Nursery Pots
  • Open 7 Days a Week.
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Winter Bedding Plants – Nu-Leaf Nursery:

Winter Sun Annuals:
Alyssum – flowering all season long.
Antirrhinum – Dwarf, Knee High, Madame Butterfly, Twinny Double.
Calendula – Bedding, borders and containers.
Chrysanthemum – low edging, containers and sunny corners.
Cineraria Maritima – silver grey foliage plant.
Delphinium – border plant.
Dianthus – Dianthus, Amazon, “Dash”.
Godetia – Satin Flower.
Kale – Ornamental.
Lobelia – hanging baskets, containers and border edgings.
Lupins – Borders and cottage gardens.
Mesembryanthemum – indigenous annual.
Nemesia – indigenous annual.
Nierembergia – Buttercups
Pansy – Separate Colours Clean, Separate Colours Faces, Designer Mixes, Total Mixed.
Petunias – Oupa se Hoed
Phlox – easy to grow, quick to flower and need little attention.
Poppies – Iceland Poppies.
Salpiglossis – Painted Tongue
Stocks – a wonderful spicy fragrance reminiscent of cloves.
Sweetpeas – fragrant spring flower.
Verbena – Ysterkruit.
Viola – Easy to grow.

Winter Sun Perennials – Nu-Leaf Nursery:

Winter Sun Perennials:
Achillea – Water-wise plants, prefer drier soil in full sun.
Daisy Bush – Easy to Grow.
Bacopa – Indigenous, trailing and spreading plant.
Diascia – Indigenous plant.
Echinacea – Cone Flower
Erigeron Karvinskianus – Tough Groundcover.
Felicia Amelloides – Kingfisher Daisy, indigenous plant, brilliant blue flowers.
Gaura Belleza & Gaura Lindheimeri – Butterfly Bush.
Gazania – Indigenous plant, water-wise.
Lavandula & Lavandula Dentata – Lavenders.
Nemesia Nesia Series – Indigenous plant.
Osteospermum – Indigenous plant.
Pelargonium – Compact plants.
Penstemon – Skyline.
Ranunculus – Mache Series.
Salvia Farinacea & Salvia Mystic Spires – Deepest of blue flowers.
Scabiosa – Indigenous plant, easy to grow.
Shasta Daisy – Brings white to the garden.
Stachys Lanata – Quick spreading groundcover.
Statice Perezii – Sea lavender.
Verbascum & Verbascum White Temptress – easy plant.
Verbena – Drought tolerant plants.

Winter Bedding Plants – Nu-Leaf Contact Details:

Tel: 011-794-1350 (orders)


Physical Address:
C/o Peter Road and Beyers Naudé